Debate?  What Debate?

Alexander Ovechkin not only wins the first Calder Trophy in Capitals history, he runs away with.  This should finally put to rest the simmerings from just North of here about who had the strongest rookie season last year.  Lots of rookies had great years, three had phenomenal years, but only one was the best.



Two Forward, One Back

George McPhee pulled off a great deal to acquire Devils' forward Jeff Friesen. The Caps've got a new practice rink, a new young star, and a new captain who grew up just down the road. The Capitals can rightfully trumpet these things, but why'd they have to go and diss Bondra? Is any press really good press?

New Rules Rule, Part I

Caps Nut analyzes all the new rules in depth. To be honest, he doesn't like them much, and for good reason.

New Rules Rule, Part II

In a follow-up to the Caps Nut view, Matt Witting gives his own opinion on why the new rules will be unfortunate for the game. See, they already use those rules in the German DEL, and Matt has season tix.

The Winter of our Discontent

"We don't consider one year at $1.5 million to be very serious."
So sayeth Rich Winter, pain-in-the-arse agent extraordinaire, about the last Capitals offer to Peter Bondra. Statements like this are the reason the players and their union were on the short end of the PR stick during the lockout.

NHL Lottery

Pittsburgh wins the lottery, the Caps beat the odds but still only drafted 14th in the first round.